Work Experience

The following listing shows my current professional experience and my other work experiences during my academic career and explains how these experiences have shaped me and my skills over the years.

Current Position:


40 E Rio Salado Pkwy #535
Tempe, AZ 85281

Title: Software Engineer
Duties: Java backend development, Spring boot development

KUBRA has an awesome codebase that supports their Notifi and Storm Center products based on Spring, Java, and AWS. My team maintains and upgrades the codebase to provide the greatest new features for our various customer implementations.

Past Positions:

SkyTouch Technology

Division of Choice Hotels International
4225 E Windrose Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Title: Software Engineer II
Duties: UI test design, Software system design, Java development, web development

SkyTouch has an extensive legacy codebase and my team worked to update that code and redesign it around a service-oriented architecture. I initially worked on a small team that transitioned SkyTouch's software applications from dedicated hardware at RackSpace to small EC2 AWS instances that could quickly be brought up with Ansible scripts. Then led team in building a new feature that allows hotels to rotate their room usage dynamically based on past usage levels and worked on Selenium testing framework improvements.

Lockheed Martin IS&GS

Lockheed Martin
Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE

Title: Software Engineer
Duties: Software system design, Java development, web development

My first full-time job as a software engineer provided me with work experience in Java web programming and has built my skills with a variety of Java and web technologies including Spring, Hibernate, Javascript, CSS3, and Jquery. I worked on the design of multiple new components of ISPAN with the Lockheed team and was able to help interface with the customer - providing rapid development prototypes to instruct the design of the final system.

Rockwell Collins Inc.

Rockwell Collins
400 Collins Road N.E.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52498

Title: Systems Engineering Co-op
Duties: Systems design, requirements definition, systems testing

My work at Rockwell Collins has provided me with my main professional experience to date. I learned the many different processes that take place as complex avionics systems are designed for modern aircraft and the large amount of automated and manual testing that needs to be done at the systems, subsystem, and software level to make sure that all of the system's requirements are fulfilled. My work at Rockwell Collins was highly valued by all of the various senior engineers and program managers I worked with there and I felt that I played a major role in the development of key new products for the tanker/transport divison I worked in.

Iowa State Daily

Iowa State Daily
108 Hamilton Hall
Ames, IA 50011

Title: Opinion Columnist
Duties: Write opinion articles for readers

My experience with Rockwell Collins taught me that the ability to share knowledge through writing should never be underestimated. I spent a large portion of my time working on extensive documentation for various aircraft that would explain to the pilots and crews how each airplane is designed to be operated. I enjoy discussing my thoughts and opinions about technology and world news with others, so upon returning to Iowa State, I decided to write articles for the campus newspaper in an attempt to spark conversations between students on campus about interesting issues that affect us. Hopefully this will help me brush up on my writing skills and give me an edge in today's competitive engineering marketplace.



Title: Video Transcription Manager
Duties: Oversee the transcription of video episodes for a world audience

As a technology-minded student who has always enjoyed learning new things and discovering more about the universe through science, I have become involved in many enterprises in the space industry like Spacevidcast. I learned about Spacevidcast during their second season of video podcast shows that are filmed near my home outside of Minneapolis, MN. Finding that I really enjoyed their work to get the average individual interested in space travel, I started working to find ways that I could help them with my technology skills and limited financial means. Eventually I took charge of their efforts to transcribe episodes to provide translated text captions to gain a world audience. As a student who hopes to someday land a job within the space industry, I feel it is very important to educate the public about the benefits of what engineers in the space industry do to benefit them.

Iowa State Student Government (GSB)

1580G Memorial Union
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Title: Director of Information Technology
Duties: Represent students in information technology committees and manage GSB technology assets

Because I have a mind for both technology and politics, this position allowed me to both help with local campus politics as well as become more involved in campus technology politics. Notably, I helped organize and give input to the IT department as they migrated all students to Google-hosted e-mail services and pushed for funding for better campus web services for students to use for housing and transportation.

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